I came across an article on CNN yesterday about link building. As with many SEO-related articles on mainstream news sites, it didn’t go beyond what I’ve already read.

But I do enjoy reading these articles as a measure of what is considered mainstream.

The gist of the article is that many people are exchanging and buying links. And if you take the word of those interviewed, both activities yield positive results.

I suspect this article is going to result in a flurry of e-mails to webmasters.


Here’s some replies to my commentary from my followers:

John: Till there is another big SE – to challenge the very basic algorithm of Google SERP, these activities will always exist. Side-by-side there will always be debate on ethical and practical ground of these techniques.
You are right on one thing – there is nothing new in the CNN article.
Hipefully, Bing could take on Google to make web search a bi-polar world and thus more competitive.

Tammy: This is frightening! Are we heading back to FFA and link farms? OH MY…
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Case Ernsting: Linkbuilding is a very underrated topic in headlines these days. I definitely share your opinion that it’s cool to see it emerge into the public eye. It’ll definitely make my life easier when I don’t have to explain my job to my friends and family haha.
@John: Why do you hope for Bing’s emergence for competition sake? I hope Bing becomes savvy enough to provide searchers with productive answers to their questions, but from an SEO perspective, two giant search engines will only complicate the mission at hand. Google has a pretty good algorithm to measure good sites, ensuring honest practices. I don’t want to see Bing come in and shift it’s measurement tactics reverting to spammy SEO tactics just to challenge Google.

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